video ("Cumullation") + overlaping with slide projection by DANIELA RATKAJEC

About Daniela Ratkajec

The work of Daniela Ratkajec is mostly focused on researching of different inner states and awarenesses, different relations, layered states and tensions between subjects and the unknown. She captures time, space and some appearances through possible visual identity's - mostly inspired by a metaphysical point of view, also observing transition of different states and forms, exploring and studying the relationships of matter and spirit. As her work consists of layered structures, she mostly do interventions in the field of mixed media, often using photography as a an essential element.


Born in Baden (Swiss) on March 9, 1973. Graduated graphic and history of art in 1999. at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, (class of prof. D. Babić). Exhibited on several solo and group exhibition at home and abroad. Since 1999. - member of artistic fondation Romualdo del Bianco from Firenze. Member of the fencing club Rapir, (organizing many actions and performances which include fencers - since 2002). Participated in two months residency program in 2010, Cité Internationale des Arts-Paris.

Solo exhibitions

1996 Bookshop Moderna vremena, (drawings), Zagreb

1998 Nova Gallery, (two installations in space), Zagreb

1999 SC Gallery, Marko Polo - (objects and drawings), Zagreb

2000 Ex – magazzini Gallery, (installation White, with A. Pedišić), Rome Bjelovar city museum ;installation "Transit", (with A. Kadoić)

2001 Galženica Gallery,(space installation), Velika Gorica

2002 Zagreb fair; Sport & boat fair; - video (subject: fencing, with members of Croatian fencing alliance) Gallery of Matica hrvatska, Time break through, ( installation with members of Croatian fencing alliance : O.Debić, B.Jovanović, M.Briški and A. Popovčić),Zagreb

2003 Vladimir Nazor Gallery, multymedia project OS II , (fencers in action, video and photographs) (with members of Croatian fencing alliance : M.Briški, M. Zmaić, A. Popovčić and M. Kadoić), Zagreb City of Zagreb – actions on the streets, in the shops, restorants and in the tramways, ( fencers under full-equipment appearing in public places /acting as ordinary people, photo – documentation)

2006 Club Fanatic, program Art on Tuesday, Absence, ( photo-objects), Zagreb

2009 CEKAO Gallery, photo-objects

2011 NANO Gallery, 'Transitions' -b&w photography 2013 Varazdin City Museum, 'Prijelazi /Transitions', photographs Paris cycle

Group exhibitions

1992 Salon I.Kršnjavi, Scholl of applied arts, (graphics), Zagreb

1993 Old Townhall, Paunovac 93., (graphics), Zagreb 1994 Croatian scholl museum, Paunovac 94.,(graphics), Zagreb

1996 Institute of Croatian association of artists, 24. Youth Salon, (multy-media project Quadrofolium, with musicians: M.Elezović and M.Sedak Benčić, and A. Pedišić), Zagreb

1997 Gemeinderaum der Kirche St.Lucas, Exhibition of students from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Graz

1998 SC Gallery, exhibition of graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Zagreb Gallery Filodrammatica, Young artists from Rijeka and their guests, Rijeka Home of I.G. Kovačić, 25.Zilik, (paintings and drawings), Karlovac

1999 Vivahotel Alexander, Project Collage, (drawings and collages),international project of the Fondation R. del Bianco; (with A.Horvat, K. Lenard, I. Zafranović and D. Sušac), Florence Museum of Town Karlovac, international mail-art exhibition, Karlovac

2000 Institute of Croatian association of artists, 36. Zagreb Salon, 7 gazes,(in concept Inner spaces of selector B. Valušek)

2004 Academia Cravatica, The challenge of the Cravat, international project, (3 photographs-fencers wearing cravats

2005 Institute of Croatian association of artists , 39. Zagreb Salon, OP I, (selector M.Lučić); (3 black and white photographs, performing actions with fencers M. Borošak and A. Maravić and M.Kadoić on camera) Gallery of Matica hrvatska, Identity, (with S. Bezinović, M. Crnobrnja, S. Juranić, I. B.Mandić, D.NAZOR)Zagreb

2008 Kino Europa, Jewish Film Festival London-Zagreb; exhibition of photographs "Ttraces of Jewish Culture"

2010 Institute of Croatian association of artists , 45. Zagreb Salon "Market"

2011 Tošo Dabac Archive , 3. Photography days, exhibition of the workshops participants

2012 HDLU 6. Croatian Triennial of Graphic Art, Zagreb Student award from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and Romualdo del Bianco Fondation;

1999.; participation on Project Collage, international art-project in Florence,(with A.Horvat, K.Lenard, I. Zafranović and D. Sušac)

Residency: Cité Internationale des Arts,Paris, 5.,6. /2010. Participation in the workshop "Shooting without viewfinder and focusing" - by Marko Ercergović,

2011 Zagreb, Archive Tošo Dabac

2017 ARTMETAMEDIA 11.16 / Kreutzberg Pavillon / Berlin Video festival ARTMETAMEDIA Kreuzberg Pavillon

2018 Zagreb, Inner Landscape-Unutarnji krajolik U Fotogaleriji Dubrava u Narodnom sveučilištu Dubrava, otvorena je izložba “Unutarnji krajolik” autora Daniele Ratkajec i Geerta Wachtelaera


About Geert Wachtelaer

Geert Wachtelaer is a multi-media artist He works with film, Photography, Installation art, Drawing and Sound pieces, often incorporating all mediums simultaneously to create experimental films, theater and performance art. His artworks acts as a structure from which the viewer may build upon his or her own presumptions about optics and what it means to view projections and spaces. Experimental work by Geert Wachtelaer are mostly focused on forming and researching of layered inner states, forces that may build up different tensions between the subjects. Visual identity given to the strong and deep interpretations of the performers creates a cohesion with the sound that is a very important part of it. Observing transition of states and forms, exploring the relationships of matter and the inner content, in his work, Geert Wachtelaer often refers to the human conciousness and its paths, showing a "life" outside of contexts familiar to us, also visually portraying the alienation and the dark, even disturbing, from a psychologically more difficult points of view. Mental time is the key of his work. The Bergsonian 'deep self', where the different configurations of individuals' memories and experience mean that each spectator makes different choices, works with different perceptual frames.

Born: Aalst, Belgium 1964

Lives: Zagreb, Croatia

Education: 1988 BA at the Rits, school for audiovisual and performing arts - techniques, Brussels

2018 Inner Landscape-2018 at Dubrava Photogallery in Zagreb krajolik U Fotogaleriji Dubrava u Narodnom sveučilištu Dubrava, otvorena je izložba “Unutarnji krajolik” autora Daniele Ratkajec i Geerta Wachtelaera

2017 ARTMETAMEDIA 11.16 / Kreutzberg Pavillon / Berlin

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2012 'Waiting for Freud', Galerija Nano, Zagreb (Croatia) curator Martina Mezak UDRUGA ZA PROMICANJE UMJETNOSTI I KULTURE / ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTION OF ART AND CULTURE

2006 'Art in Antwerp (ANINA)', Internationaal Pershuis, Antwerpen (Belgium) Exhibitons (selection)

2010 'Mediage' ,De Werf, Aalst (Belgium)

2008 Salon 08, Aalst (Belgium)

2008 Nieuw Amsterdam, New York (USA) Kunstevenement

2008 De drempel, Wevelgem (Belgium)

2007 CITYPULSE Lowell, 119 Gallery, Lowell (USA) Patagonia Electrónica Festival, Punta Arenas (Chili)

2007 'Beyond', Moka Gallery, Chicago (USA) Moka Gallery curator Jhonmar Castillo

2007 Danscamdanse festival, Film-plateau, Gent (Belgium)

2007 'Facing the river', East Art Center, Chicago (USA) curator Aldo Castillo

2007 Loop Festival, Barcelona (Spain)

2007 ART Santa Fe, El Museo de Cultural, New Mexico (USA)Moka Gallery Videominuto PopTV

2007, Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato (Italy) Art Now Fair Miami, Miami (USA) Moka Gallery 'Diva',

2007 video art fair, Paris (France) Moka Gallery (now Moka productions)

2007 'If I Can't Dance', MuKHA, Antwerpen (Belgium)

2006 'Semantikon, ARCANA', New York (USA)

2006 City hall, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) Augustinus Muziekcentrum, Antwerpen (Belgium) Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (Belgium OLV-ter-Potterie, Brugge (Belgium) Flagey, Brussel (Belgium)

2006 Metu Video Festival, Ankara (Turky)

2006 Synch Festival, Athene (Griekenland)

2006 Videominuto, Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts of Prato (Italy)

2006 Europian film festival 'For the first five', Neubrandenburg (Germany)

2006 'PI performance & intermedia' festival, National Museum, Szczecin (Poland)

2006 Les instants video, l'Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence, Text and Texture (France)

2006 CITYPULSE 4, santiago media art festival, Santiago (Chili) Biennale 3000, Sao paulo (Brazilia)

2005 Les inattendus, contempory art evenement, Parijs (France)

2005 Detroit International Film and Video Festival, Museum of Modern Art, Detroit (USA)

2005 Art in your Face, Malmö (Sweden)

2005 Cortodrome, short filmfestival, Bari (Italy) Optica

2005, Video-art and Contemporary Photography, Gijón (Spain)

2005 bac!05 - international festival of contemporary art, Barcelona (Spain)

2005 'Nuit Blanche', M°Bibliothèque, Parijs (France)

2005 Videohm, OHM Lounge Syracuse, New York (USA)curator Coutney Rile

2004 Norapolis 2004, International festival of multimedia, Metz (France)

2004 Festival International cinema nouvelles générations, Lyon (France)

2004 'The Drake Hotel: notes from the underground with Steve Reinke', s.l., Toronto (Canada)

2004 Heaven Gallery, Chicago (USA)

2004 PLAY III - International Video Art Festival -Museo de Arte "Ángel M. De Rosa", Junìn, Buenos Aires (Argentinia)

2004 Biennale Internazionale di Ferrara, Castello Estense, Ferrara (Italy)

2004 Festival 'Musiques Volantes', Metz (France)

2000 'Information days', Argos Arts, Brussel (Belgium)

Transitions by Daniela Ratkajec

In the silence of the room. Traces of your presence. Were you here? Were you ever here? An absence that transforms into an existential space that I cherish every day. Are you here? Where are you now? An invitation to the viewer in order to be subject to hidden images from our collective memory and to reveal the interaction between the spectator and the pictures shows the individual to perceive and to think in space and time and the concept of "continuity" to investigate. The body of the viewer as well as the body is shown - in all its complexity - has much more to say than we think or believe to take. Art makes no representation, no 'message'. And yet images give insight and hope, as they are fundamental experiences and synthesize incarnate. Then they get the deep stirrings of our existence, and they shake us awake. They give us the courage without embarrassment, 'in truth' from life and from ourselves.

“Raixe Venete” by Daniela Ratkajec

The Second Venice's personal journey is built on a dialogue between the ambience of still images and the time-based nature of movement and sound. The work is dominated by subjective frames (precise points of view of the author) capturing a random scene and places of ambience in time, it is possible to know which vaguely recognizable, various transitions, feelings of alienation, testimonies of some events, atmosphere of past times. Always change the inner landscape and the emotions created by the photographic focus have led to the creation of this mixed media work: installation / photography / video, / sound.from ourselves.

Private City by Geert Wachtelaer

An audio-visual investigation as to the nature of the modern city, the nothingness. Selected and curated to be on a 3 months exhibit at the premier Chicago’s River East Art Center on a public display.